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Meet our team....

sue 18.jpg

Name: Sue Wright
Title: Registered Manager/ Director 
30 Years Experience 
Qualifications: Level 5 in Management & Leadership
NCFE level 2 in Safe Handling of Medicines
NCFE level 2 in Equality and Diversity 
NVQ Level 2 & 3
Phlebotomy Trained
Assessor/ Trainer
Length of service: 30
years +

Hello, welcome to SJW The Wright Care. I have been working in the care sector for almost 30 years. I started out working in a care home where I gained experience and knowledge, I later completed a diploma in Health and Social care and went on to attain more qualifications that would help me in the career I loved and was passionate about. I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. In 1994 I applied to manage a 39-bedded care home, which was registered for 26 residential clients and 13 clients who was diagnosed with Dementia. Managing the home was an exciting challenge and every day was different, but I enjoyed 18 years of meeting new people, clients and staff. After 2 years of running the care home it was up-graded to a blue rated care home (excellent Standards) with CQC and remained excellent rating until I left in April 2011.

I set up SJW in April 2011 and this was because in February 2011 I received a telephone call from a lady whom I knew as I we had supported her husband in the home for many years and we kept in touch when he passed. She asked if I would visit her as she was thinking of looking for a care home herself. I went out to see her and she appeared very frightened and frail, I had never seen her like this before, she was always full of fun. She told me that due a decline in her illness which was Multiple sclerosis she has started to use a home care provider. I thought this was very sensible of her, but then she went on to tell me that she is now frightened at night when she is in bed. In the space of 5 to 6 weeks she had seen over 20 different carer workers, both men and women, according to her she had said initially she would prefer females only. The Carers had all be given the code number which gave them access to her door key safe. I told her that she must phone the agency and tell them how she felt. She informed me that she had already spoken to the manager and was told it was because some staff had called in sick and some staff was on annual leave and they couldn’t guarantee the same carers or females only. The lady was so frightened and fearful she ended up going into a care home, unfortunately not the one I was managing at the time it was full but was put on our waiting list.  This lovely lady only stayed in the care home 3 to 4 weeks as she couldn’t adjust to a care home environment. She was an 89 year of age, very proud independent lady, worked all her working life, and had lost her husband several weeks before. She was quite a shy lady that needed lots of reassurance. I believe she died of a broken heart and if the agency would have been more considerate towards her needs and choices she may have been able to remain in her own home. After this I started to research home care providers in the area and immediately realised that there was lack of good home care providers within the Nottinghamshire area. So, this was the start of a new chapter in my life and I was excited to set up my own business in proving clients with a care package to suit the individual, and although I recognised we are all different and some people may thrive on a lot of carers visiting its paramount that we recognised everyone’s needs are different and to ensure all clients are making their own decisions based on what care support they want and not what suits the agency. In 2011 SJW The Wright Care Limited was founded.

With almost 7 years behind us the agency continues to go from strength to strength. We now have over 35 Staff working for us. SJW continue to provide only the highest standards of care.  We have recruited a small team in Retford and a small team in Worksop which allows us to provide continuity and consistency to all our clients and prevents a large amount of different faces to any client.

Please read our reviews and see what people who have used or using our service say about us.


Name: Louise Thomson
Title: Deputy Manager
Qualifications: NVQ 2 & 3 Health & Social Care
Moving & Handling and Safe
handling of medicines trainer
Level 5 in Management and Leadership TBC
Length of service: 11+ 

Hi, I'm Louise and my current position at SJW is Deputy Manager. My journey at SJW began in 2012. I had always worked in the retail industry and progressed into a management position. Being in this role allowed me to develop my existing qualities and skills. I enjoyed the role and responsibilities, however I felt something was  missing. I decided to take a leap and move into the care sector, a job that I believe would offer me satisfaction. I started as a support worker covering Retford and the surrounding areas which then widened to Worksop. As my knowledge grew I showed interest in the rotas. I would come in to the office one day a week and devise the weekly rotas. During this time I began to learn more about the business. I completed my Health and Social Care Level 2 NVQ in my first year with the company. Due to my ambition, any additional training courses that became available I would attend, this included Train the Trainer courses in Moving & Handling and Medication.

My role then developed into a Care Quality Assessor. The role involved assessing new potential clients, creating person centred care packages and reviewing care plans for quality assurance. The success of SJW continued to thrive and we welcomed Amie into this position. I then progressed into SJW's Deputy Manager role where I am responsible for overseeing the general running of the business. Amie now manages our Worksop Team however I continue to oversee the Retford workforce. I have also been involved with the administration side of the business which I really enjoy. I am currently working towards a level 5 in Health an Social Care Management. 

I believe that SJW really do provide The Wright Care. I am proud to work for such a well-recognised agency. Here's to many more years of providing an excellent service helping our clients remain as independent as possible in their own homes.



Name: Amy Noble
Title: Care Quality Assessor
Qualifications: NVQ 3 Health & Social Care in progress 

Hi, I’m Amy, my current position at SJW is Care Quality Assessor, my journey with SJW began in May 2021. I have worked in the care sector since 2011, I began my career in care working as a Support Worker in the community for 4 years then moved on to work in a nursing home where I worked for 5 years. I gained a lot of experience over these years and met some incredible people, after gaining experience in a nursing environment I decided I wanted to be back out in the community. I joined SJW as a support worker working in the Retford area and have recently been given an exciting opportunity to become Care Quality Assessor. My role involves assessing new potential clients, creating person centered care packages, reviewing existing care packages, managing staff and contributing to the day to day running of SJW. I am currently working towards my NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care and will be looking to move onto completing a Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management. I am proud to be working for such a well organised agency who provide exceptional care.

The team at SJW The WRIGHT CARE


''Hi my name is Rosemary but preferred to be called Rose.

I’ve worked in home care for 13 years, I gained my NVQ level 2 & 3 and other relevant training to help me in my work. I enjoy meeting & Chatting to new people and getting to know all about them.

 I really enjoy my job as every day is different.        I am new to SJW The Wright care and excited to get to know everyone.''




''Hi, i am called Yvonne but most people call me Vonnie. i have many years experience working at SJW as a Carer. In 2021 I decided to leave SJW to work as a bartender but i soon realised i missed being a support worker and returned to SJW''



emm ID (002)_edited_edited.jpg

''My names Emma, I had never worked in the care sector before I starting working at SJW so it was a huge career change for me. I’ve previously worked at Amazon, prior to this I had my own salon and qualified as a makeup artist. I love what I do at SJW and my future plans are to gain more experience including completing NVQS and all other relevant training to help me achieve my goals working towards promotions''



''Hi My name is Alison, I’ve worked in care for the past 3 years, i used to work in insolvency and prior to that a PA for a financial advisor.

 I decided to come into care when i was placed on furlough with the potential of redundancy during the pandemic. I fell in love in the care industry from day one, and since then I’ve gained a vast amount of experience along with NVQ levels 2, 3 & i am currently studying my level 4. I want to further my career in care and begin my nursing career and hopefully one day become a district nurse. Or even own a care company myself'



''Hi I’m Donna and I’ve been with SJW for over 8 years now and couldn’t imagine doing any other job.

I love fulfilling my daily roles and interacting with the SU I visit on a daily basis

I always finish my shift with a smile on my face ''



''I joined SJW as a support worker working in the Retford area and have recently been given an exciting opportunity to become Care Quality Assessor. My role involves assessing new potential clients, creating person centered care packages, reviewing existing care packages, managing staff and contributing to the day to day running of SJW. I am currently working towards my NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care and will be looking to move onto completing a Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management. I am proud to be working for such a well organised agency who provide exceptional care''.




''Hello, my name is Julie. I have worked with SJW for the last 8 years. My previous job was as a qualified nurse having spent 23 years as a Community Nurse. I enjoy my job as you meet varied clients and enable them to stay at home and keep their independence for as long as it is possible''.



Z Gummerson_edited.jpg

''My name is Zoe, I have worked in care for 7 years and enjoy being in the community. I have worked for SJW for the last 4 years and have gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of care and social work. I  enjoy working for SJW as I have the support and flexibility that I require, all the staff members are friendly and the senior staff are helpful and friendly. And of course our outstanding quality of care presented to us by CQC''.



Danielle Parker_edited.jpg

''Hi I’m Danielle, I joined SJW in 2022. Previous to SJW I worked in retail, And after many years of doing repetitive work i had the desire for more job satisfaction and wanted to do something with a purpose. That’s when I made the decision to join SJW. I thoroughly enjoy being a support worker, I am proud to care for and support all our lovely clients''


kirsty (002)_edited.jpg

''Hi my name is kirsty, i started my journey in care with SJW in October 2021 and in this time I have completed my NVQ level 3 and look forward to starting and finishing my NVQ level 4 in the future''



sophie ID badge_edited.jpg

''I’m Sophie, I’ve worked in care for 2 and a half years, when I first started care I told myself it would be a temporary job but I completely fell in love with my work and now can’t see myself in any other career, it is so rewarding and has helped me to grow as a person. I have had so many great experiences, and I aim to further my knowledge and gain qualifications with the support of SJW''

image coming soon.png

 Helen is a recent retired NHS District Nurse who has joined SJW.
Currently, Helen is completing training and is planned to shadow last week in March 

Betty Muse_edited.jpg

''Im Betty, i have worked at SJW  for many years, in 2020 i had a break from care but returned to SJW 2021. I  missed everyone''.



CLAIRE VICKERS ID BADGE (002)_edited.jpg

''Hello my names Claire,  I worked in a care role job for about 1 year now and I can honestly say I love working in my job were I’m appreciated from my clients and managers that makes me really happy, also I am very happy to say I do make a difference in their lives. I know what to do o help People live independently in their own homes''



Jemma Carr_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

''Hello all, I'm Jemma.,

iv have just returned from Maternity Leave

April 2023

I m looking forward to seeing  everyone at SJW and to meet up with our existing & new clients. It will also great to work alongside SJW staff again after being away for a while''. 


image coming soon.png

Name: Tracey
Location: Worksop/Retford
Qualifications: NVQ Level 2 TBC

K Hopkins_edited.jpg

''Hi, my name is Kay, I’ve worked in care for over 7years all with SJW. I found my role in care most rewarding, I enjoy getting to know the clients and the stories of their life’s experiences it’s truly a pleasure. I’m a shoulder to cry on to make clients laugh and make sure the comfortable in their home''. 




''My name is Chelsey, I’ve been at SJW over 8 years, I enjoy working in the community as I don’t like to be in one place. I also feel I get to know people more and spend longer period of time with our clients giving more person centred care''



image coming soon.png

Name: Jade 
Qualifications: NVQ Level 2 - Health and Social Care 

image coming soon.png

Name: Ruth 
Location: Worksop/Retford
Qualifications: NVQ Level 2 TBC

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