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About our services....

Many of our at-home clients receiving support from SJW The Wright Care are as a result of word of mouth and a direct approach to us by their families. We also have strong links with medical practices, social agencies, NHS groups, and charities which utilise our comprehensive services or recommend them to their clients.

Whilst our principal services involve the day-to-day care of older adults in their own homes, we also provide a range of specialist services which include palliative care, Alzheimer's and Dementia care. We also support adults with learning disabilities and offer respite care for families who need a break from day-to-day caring duties.


 specialises in providing care for people who require help at home, such as

  • After falls and accidents

  • After another agency has let you down

  • Help with unforeseen circumstances

  • Urgent palliative care in your home

  • Personal care 

  • Medical Appointments

  • Domestic support

  • Social support/companionship

Better care starts with you
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